Product Range

    Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Combo

    Rs. 94.00

    This pack contains: Klenzamax Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 100ml Klenzamax Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen 10ml Ensures 99.9% germ protection >70% alcohol concentration Ensures antiviral protection Instant and long-lasting protection up...

    Klenza Antimicrobial Air Spray 100ml

    Rs. 120.00Rs. 72.00

    Klenza Antimicrobial Air Spray is a unique silver based formula that helps fight againstmicrobes. It neutralizes malodour and adds a fragrance that leaves the surrounding smelling fresh and pleasant. Unique...

    Klenza Silver Cloth- Yellow

    Rs. 195.00Rs. 117.00

    Klenza Silver Cloth is an antibacterial microfiber cloth that neutralizes bacteria and helps to eliminate dirt, dust, grime, and household spills/messes from surfaces. Safe and effective silver technology Offers >*99%...