Hygiene Essential

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    Hygiene Essentials

    Klenza Hand Wash 200 ml

    Rs. 175.00Rs. 122.50

    Having germ free hands is a hassle free job with the Klenza Hand Wash. A hand wash 200 ml pack with the super effective Nano silver ingredient, it leaves the...

    Klenza Mask and Shield Sanitizer 100 ml

    Rs. 150.00Rs. 105.00

    Keep your masks and face shields free from germs with the instant extended viral protection of Klenza Mask and Shield Sanitizer. A face protection mask sanitizer that cleans masks and...

    Klenza Surgical Instrument Lubricant Spray 550ML

    Rs. 1,300.00Rs. 910.00

    DescriptionKlenza Surgical Instrument Lubricant spray is a high performance, multi-functional formula that can be used for lubrication of surgical instruments having hinges, pins & joints and disintegration of rust. Unique...