Ever since the COVID-19 safety measures have been released, one of the most common practices encouraged is the wearing of a mask. However, most people are unaware of how to wear it effectively and make the maximum use of it. Here are some things to keep in mind while wearing a mask.

Which Mask Should I Wear

Invest in a good mask. Instead of going for fancy masks, find a mask that will effectively protect you from the virus. Medical masks are recommended for health workers and other people in high vulnerability like below the age of 60, children, with respiratory diseases etc. Fabric masks work well for the rest of the public.

How to Wear and Take Off the Mask

Before wearing the mask, clean your hands with a sanitizer or soap. Use the straps to fit it covering your mouth, nose and chin. Avoid touching the front part of the mask to prevent contamination. 

Clean your hands prior to taking your mask off. Remove by holding on the straps, without coming in contact with the front region. 

How to Clean My Mask

Cleaning your mask must be done carefully to avoid infections. A medical mask is not reusable and must be disposed off immediately after use. Throw it away into a closed bin and clean your hands immediately. For a fabric mask, wash it with water, preferably hot, and a disinfecting agent like Klenza Mask and Screen Sanitizer. Place it in a plastic bag after drying and repeat this everyday.

Wearing a mask is one of the most basic safety protocols during the pandemic. Wear it right, keeping in mind these tips, to ensure you get its best benefits.