Alcohol Free Sanitizers

    Klenza Surface Sanitizer 500ml

    Rs. 350.00

    Keep clear of harmful viruses with the Klenza Surface Sanitizer 500 ml for all kinds of surfaces. Packed with super-powerful silver nano-particles it is a surface disinfectant spray that sanitizes all hard...

    Klenza Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer 50 ml- Pack of 2

    Rs. 180.00

    Stay away from any microbial harm on the go with the Klenza Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer 50 ml- Pack of 2. A mini hand sanitizer that offers guaranteed protection for a minimum of 3...

    Klenza Alcohol Free Pen 10 ml- Pack of 5 Pen Sanitizer (Non Alcoholic) (5 x 10 ml)

    Rs. 225.00

    A simple and effective way to protect yourself anywhere you go is easy with Klenza Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Pen 10 ml- Pack of 5. With its compact design, this sanitizer pen fits...

    Klenza Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer 200ml

    Rs. 198.00

    Ensure complete protection of yourself and your loved ones with Klenza Alcohol-free-hand-sanitizer-200ml. A completely non-alcoholic hand sanitizer, it is safe to use on all skin types and provides full protection for 3...

    Klenza Surface Sanitizer 5L Refill Can

    Rs. 2,500.00

    Klenza surface sanitizer is a superior extended viral protection spray. Waste and Space saver, these refill packs kill 99.99% germs that may cause illness instantly. Ideal for big units.  Safe to Use...