Hygiene Essential

    Klenza Sitfresh 85ml

    Rs. 149.00

    Lavatory hygiene is quite a pain for all of us while we are out for any kind of trip. The most effective toilet seat sanitizer spray, it lets you guard...

    Klenza Hand Wash 200 ml

    Rs. 175.00

    Having germ free hands is a hassle free job with the Klenza Hand Wash. A hand wash 200 ml pack with the super effective Nano silver ingredient, it leaves the...

    Klenza Mask and Shield Sanitizer 100 ml

    Rs. 150.00

    Keep your masks and face shields free from germs with the instant extended viral protection of Klenza Mask and Shield Sanitizer. A face protection mask sanitizer that cleans masks and...

    Klenza Surface Sanitizer 500ml

    Rs. 350.00

    Keep clear of harmful viruses with the Klenza Surface Sanitizer 500 ml for all kinds of surfaces. Packed with super-powerful silver nano-particles it is a surface disinfectant spray that sanitizes all hard...